served after 5 pm

add a house or sm. caesar salad to any large plate 2

Rib-eye .....12

Grilled* and seasoned to perfection. Served w/ garlic mashed potatoes and daily veg.

Grilled Chicken Breast .....9

Juicy, boneless, skinless, light and heart-healthy. Served with the daily vegetable.

Forget all that. Gimme the mash and smother it with green chili 2

Seared Smoky Terriyaki Tuna .....12

Served perfect medium rare* unless you say otherwise served with wasabi mashed potatoes and daily vegetable.

Juicy Pork Chops .....10

Two chops, seasoned and cooked just done. Served with a side of applesauce, garlic mashed potatoes and veggie of the day.

Hamburger Steak .....10

Seasoned right, then cooked to your temp*. Topped with sautéed mushrooms, onions and swiss cheese. Comes with garlic mashed potatoes and daily vegetable.